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FaceFit® by Rosalena in 60 minutes


The FaceFit® by Rosalena is a non-invasive workout for your face that works the connective tissues and tones facial muscles.

Innovative activation massage techniques range from gently boosting circulation to the micro-contouring deeper massage to lift and sculpt the underlying tissues. Together these transform the appearance of the face to reveal sleeker facial contours, lifted cheeks and jowls. The result is a noticeable smoothing of expression lines and a marked decrease of puffiness around the eyes.

The treatment includes a thorough cleanse and tone of the face and décolletage and utilises Rosalena's Rose Quartz and Jade Gua Sha Facial Tools, renowned for their detoxing benefits. Applied at both room temperature and ice cold, these stones encourage lymph drainage and smooth away lines and wrinkles to reveal healthy glowing skin.

A deep feeling of relaxation is experienced as specific acupressure points are activated and tension is magically dissolved.

Each facial incorporates individually selected Rosalena Skincare products, where the beautiful aromas from this 100% natural, wellbeing range add another dimension, creating space to Pause, Breathe and Be, benefitting both skin and mind.

Massage techniques combined with the regenerating skincare properties of Rosalena improves the skin tone with a dramatic result after just one treatment, an even greater effect after a series of treatments and with the continued use of Rosalena Skincare at home.

The Rosalena Skincare range is available to buy in store.

FaceFit® by Rosalena Express


The New FaceFit® by Rosalena Express Treatment is a time effective, immediately impactful 30 minute FaceFit that focuses on lifting, plumping, toning and brightening the complexion in just half an hour. Perfect as a pre-party boost for the complexion. Just like the full FaceFit Treatment, this innovative work-out for your face leaves you with visibly smoother, firmer skin, but in a focussed half hour of targeted facial massage that addresses held jaw tension, frown lines, crows feet and detoxification by encouraging lymphatic drainage. Can be done dry over make up, this painless, relaxing work out for your face leaves you SkinFit and ready to GLOW.